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Congratulations! You've got your hands on a Ragworm™ solder badge!
Now, let's talk you through how to solder it!
Follow the steps below and enjoy!

Step 1. Time to solder the LEDs.

Your LED has one long and one short wire, the long wire is the positive and the short wire is the negative.

Insert the led from the front making sure that the long wire matches up with the positive marks on the back of the PCB. Repeat the step for the other LED.

Step 2.

Once the LED has been pushed so it’s flush with the circuit, you need to slightly bend the legs just to hold the LED’s in place while you solder them.

The next step is to start heating the pad by placing the solder iron into the silver circles. After a few seconds, start to apply the solder slowly and carefully.

Step 3.

Whilst doing this, make sure not to bridge the connection between the two legs with solder, if this happens you can undo this by heating the solder back up and using a solder sucker to remove the access.

Now the LED has been soldered you need to remove the excess legs, as this could also bridge the connection if they touch. Try to cut these back as close to the circuit as possible, the best tool to use would be some side cutters.

Step 4. Time to solder the battery holder.

Now the LED’s have been soldered it’s easier to insert the battery holder.

Make sure that board is now facing the table and the instructions are facing you.

The battery holder also has a positive and a negative, the positive is the lead that protrudes from the outer circle.

Once the holder is stuck in place, you need to flip the circuit over and begin the next soldering steps.

Step 5.

To solder the battery holder to the board, you will need to heat up the two circles that the holder pins are poking through on the front of the board using the tip of the soldering iron.

Once this is hot, again apply the solder, slowly and carefully, making sure that it doesn't flow outside of the silver circles.

If it does, you can remove this by re-heating and using a solder sucker.


If you have a Ducas badge, when soldering the moustache, you need to be extremely careful, as it may become hot when soldering because of the large piece of exposed LF HASL.

The two circles are placed between the moustache and have a tight finish so it looks just like the real character.

After you heat up the pad, apply solder making sure that it doesn't spill outside of the circles and on to the moustache. If you do get any on the moustache you can just use the solder sucker again.

Now to test!

When both side have been soldered it’s time to test the circuit.

Insert the battery with the negative side facing down.

There you go! Your badge is all ready to shine!

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