Imagineering Fair 2014

For anyone that hasn’t heard of the Imagineering fair, it’s where all things wacky and wonderful come to one place to enlighten kids in schools what else they can do in their free time!

With our biggest stand yet we had a to fill over 80m2 with all things Ragworm! We had a creative corner, the science table and last of all the soldering station.

In the creative corner we had the wonderful and crazy Steph helping children young and old design a new character to go along our fantastic team of educational characters. The applications came flooding in and over the two days we ended up with around 100 new characters to choose from and become the next character to go in our books.

They had shooting rockets, abilities to become invisible and the power to change the elements… what more could be asked for in the creative corner!

Next space was where all the mad scientists held up, they were moving electricity with their bare hands by moulding the circuit in front of their very own eyes. We had some amazing orange colour homemade dough, made it nice n’ bouncy, and oh yeah… the power to pass a current through it! This meant that we had some very funny shape circuits from giraffes to cars thanks to the shape cutters.

Last of all we had the soldering station! We didn’t think we would be running it the way we did but by God it worked. There were queues to solder both Ducas & Eisen Solder kits up. It started off with a few and as soon as people saw what we were doing, they crowded around and asked to do the same, not only were they taught how to solder the boards but they actually learnt all about the components and the science behind the PCB. Kids were giving feedback to us all day and praising our stand, apparently we were their favourite! Not to blow our own trumpet, but we were up against a few rather large companies!


“Overall this event was probably the highlight of the year for me! Everyone there came to join in on all the fun including the soldering workshop which had to be the best part. We sold out and were fully booked for both days within the first hour of each days. Bring on next year!”


“ Imagineering 2014 was one of my favourite events yet . The two day event was jam packed and Ragworm’s stand played host to hundreds of people. The 4 parts of our stand remained busy and active for the best part of the day and even when not; groups of people came to chill and hang out with the Ragworm Gang. Engaging, Exciting and Exhausting. Just 3 of the E’s I can think to describe the weekend. We will see you next year Imagineering. Keep an eye out for the orange! ”


“Imagineering was fast moving, bizarre, full on… and I loved every moment of it! This was a perfect opportunity for both Ragworm and Ragworm Education and with our biggest stand yet, we grabbed the bull by the horns and got down to business. Dressed as mad scientists, the orange team had a ton of fun alongside the families and made some great connections. After the two days of crazy, sleep was much needed and my Imagineering war wounds were to be attended too. After a recovery and a swift return back to work, thoughts of next year’s event came flooding in, all aboard for Imagineering 2015!”

To find out more head on over to their site!

To see all the pictures from the day head on over to our Flickr and have a look!

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