In less than 24 hours, this Kickstarter became fully funded and a fully-fledged reality. The idea behind Flotilla is to take away the hassle of building your own project and truly making it plug and play with some awesome hardware and software working in sync with each other.

Flotilla is comprised of a central dock into which you plug all your little sensors and switches.

Currently there are 12 different modules but Pimoroni have got about 30-40 more ideas in their thinktank to add after later development. They’re also very open to suggestions so if you can think of a module that you would like to see, just let them know and they’ll try to take it on!

One huge bonus of the project is that as a Kickstarter you can get some amazing prices on the kit,

For the early bird starter kit from just £24 you get

  • The Dock
  • Starter Guide
  • Cookbook Recipe Cards
  • Dock Cable & 2x Module Cables
  • One Touch Sensor
  • One Rainbow Stick

Prices after the Kickstarter are likely to be £4-£6 on each module and then things like the motors will cost a little extra so it’s perfect pricing for those who have some spare change and pocket money!

It’s a great project and we can’t wait to see it in the hands of every maker!

Check out the video and the Kickstarter in both the video and link in the blog.

“Have fun making” Team Ragworm

Why Flotilla…

There is another reason why we like this project and that’s because Ragworm are going to manufacture the PCBs!

We have been working alongside Pimoroni for quite some time now, getting the colour of the Soldermask to their exact requirements. Together we’ve finally cracked it and now it’s time for some test runs in the bespoke soldermask! We have a meeting with Pimoroni this week about all things flotilla and we’re really looking forward to see what else will be going on.

The Soldermask development would not have been possible without the continued support of Electra Polymers Ltd. Electra are a UK manufacturer of Soldermask based in Kent and they have devoted us substantial lab time in order to get the aesthetics of this vital PCB component correct.

The newly created Soldermask colourings have had to go through rigorous tests for months. Soldermask has many other functions other than simply providing the beautiful colouring to your PCBs. When changing the colouring of the mask it is important that all the other properties are not adversely affected. One particular element that can be significantly affected by altering colours is the viscosity of the product. This can dramatically alter the ease of the printing process and therefore increase manufacture lead times and in some cases can affect the overall look of the product. Additionally, make the colour too dense and you can end up not being able to photo expose the PCBs – this affects the technology of the boards increasing the minimum track and gap and hole size. All of these elements had to be tested and considered before moving ahead and settling on a final colour palette.

After several months of lab time, numerous trials and many different particle amounts of pigment; we now believe that we have achieved near enough exact pantones that we were provided with. YAY!

Having a unique Soldermask like this is something very different, not many PCB manufacturers will match the pantones that you require and we like to think that we’re running ahead on this one. Different is Normal here at Ragworm HQ.

As a final perk .. Ragworm manufactures all our boards here in the UK. We personally think that there is no better way to inspire making than with products that are designed, manufactured and assembled here in the UK.

So get over to the Kickstarter, support Pimoroni, and get MAKING !

If you need a bespoke colour of PCB and need a UK manufacture then just drop us an email

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