RasPiO Duino

This Kickstarter project is ideal for everyone who loves a bit of Pi but want’s to venture into the world of Arduino programming. As we all know there are a few things that the Arduino can do over a Pi, and with this add on you will then be able to do all of the following!

  • 6 analog inputs for reading sensors (light, temperature, pressure etc.)
  • 14 digital input/output pins for controlling and switching things
  • 6 PWM outputs for variable LED brightness or motor speed control
  • Can control up to 12 servos
  • Can exchange the microcontroller as it is socketed
  • Uses the Arduino Integrated Development Environment for programming

All of the above are just some of the reasons why the team here at Ragworm are super excited about this project.

The Kickstarter is from the one and only Alex Eames who is most known for the popular blog RasPi.TV. The RasPiO Duino is a nifty £11 which makes it perfect for pocket money tech!

As far as Kickstarters go, Alex is no stranger to the crowd funding site; boasting his last project (the HDMIPi; a 9” Pi Monitor) at a whopping 475% funded back in late 2013.

Go and check it out by clicking here and fund RasPi.TV and get yourself this awesome Plug-In!

If you wanted to share what you may do with the RasPiO Duino then let us know on Twitter

Here at Ragworm we’ve loved working with Alex on the prototypes for the RasPiO Duino, we’re really excited to finally see this on kickstarter doing so well. We can’t wait to see it out there in volume! Congrats to this and hopefully many more projects

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