Embedded Wearable Tech

Whether by choice or whether it is thrust upon you, the wearable is something that is going to rapidly become part of your everyday lives.

With CES (Consumer Electronics Show) naming the wearable as 2015’s tech to watch, we should all be on the lookout for wearable tech popping up on the news and, more importantly, into our lifestyles. However, should we be becoming sceptics about Orwell’s theory on living our lives constantly under the watchful eye of Big Brother?

If you think it’s getting bad with Google glass recording and monitoring things in your life then how about having a mobile phone or a recording device implanted inside your head? Although this sounds crazy, things like this are bound to happen in the future. Only time will tell how quickly this change will come, and consumers choices will be the making or breaking of such ideas.

We’ve recently read an article from WT VOX about the latest embedded wearables, which really sparked our interest, so we wanted to share it with you guys. Take a look here!

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