Here at Ragworm we are a huge fan of Kickstarter and we are very lucky to have been involved with some very successful projects. Whether it is full manufacture or just prototyping the orange team loves to be involved in any way that they can.

So why is it that we like Kickstarter so much? Well as we have always said; Ragworm is the bait for the big fish and in a way Kickstarter is on a similar level. Kickstarter opens doors to people who may have in the past had their ideas shut down because of lack of funding or from 1 person not seeing the potential behind the idea/product. The online crowdfunding platform opens doors to all different countries and all types of people all over the world. It gives people with little confidence a chance to go for funding in a way they see fit. It gives that small fish access to the big sea and of course it gives us techies and maker’s chances to help each other succeed with projects that we think are exciting and new! If all of the above is not enough reasoning for you, why not take a look at some statistics to sway your mind? : to date on 09/03/15

$1,583,080,821 total dollars pledged to Kickstarter projects

79,938 Successfully funded projects

8,126,775 Total backers

2,454,325 Repeat backers

20,946,698 Total pledges

Below are just a few Kickstarter projects that have gone from Proto to Pro using the Ragworm Service.

We love seeing these new kickstarters come on the tech scene, so if you’ve got a project that you need help with in any way, be sure to get hold of the Ragworm Team and we can take you from prototype to product.

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