On the Road

Here at Ragworm we dedicate our time and efforts in to providing the best customer service possible. With our customer base ever growing we want to make sure we are giving each individual customer the service they require. One way in which we plan to do this is getting back out on the road and [...]

Out and About 2015 Part 2

Want to know where to find us? Here are just some of our plans over the coming months with many more yet to be added. Can’t see your event on the list? Why not get in touch with one of the team here at Ragworm HQ and we will do our best to make sure [...]

Solder Masks: Behind the Scenes!

Following from our first post on Solder Masks, we wanted to release today’s post in celebration of #TechTuesday and reveal to you a little behind the scenes information about the processes used for Solder Mask application. Solder Mask is applied to PCBs for a number of different reasons, some of which are as follows: Enable [...]