Dr Lucy Rogers

Dr Lucy Rogers is a fairly new customer to the Ragworm website but she entered into our #ProudGeek family with a Bang! After giving us lots of love and attention on Twitter, the team became intrigued and wanted to find out more.

Here at Ragworm HQ we like to understand (where possible) our customers’ project as a whole; this includes getting to know the person behind it as well. We are privileged to be part of such a diverse network of individuals and we love getting to share their stories with you. They are an inspiration to us and we hope they can do the same for you.

Dr Lucy Rogers has a number of accolades to her name and is continuously adding to her list of adventures. Most us only have one answer to the common question – “What do you do for a living?” but not Rogers, whose response is; ‘ I play with robot dinosaurs, and when not doing that I am working out the probability of spacecraft getting hit by space debris, and I turn science into plain English.” Certainly impressive isn’t it, but it doesn’t stop there. Lucy was also an associate lecturer at Oxford Brooks University teaching foundation electronics as well as recently becoming a published author with “It’s ONLY Rocket Science: An Introduction in Plain English”

With just a snapshot of her busy lifestyle uncovered, the team at Ragworm relished the opportunity to delve further and find what drives Lucy and what her current goals are.

It was amazing to find out that both Ragworm and Rogers share a common goal – to promote diversity in engineering.

Rogers noted, “I think that making engineering more accessible to everybody is a good thing. Whether I am appealing to men, women, girls or boys it doesn’t really matter. (I want) people to see me doing it and realise that engineering doesn’t have to be about climbing under a car or going down a coal mine – it can be playing with robot dinosaurs, it can be playing with space, it can be getting things to do what we want them to do.”

Here at HQ we could not agree with Rogers more – sharing the world of engineering and science is of paramount importance to us and it is great to see such inspirational individuals out there spreading the word.

So, what is Lucy Rogers doing with PCBs?

In Rogers’ own words, ‘it is mainly for fun’!

During her years studying Mechatronics at Lancaster University, Rogers pronounced electronics to be Black Magic and swiftly focused her efforts on Mechanical Engineering. After truly making her mark in this field and related studies, we are delighted to see her ‘playing’ around with electronics again and getting to grips with the world of Raspberry Pi.

Fuelled by a desire to play with robots and with “Spitting Image” type puppets Rogers is now designing her own PCBs and we have been honored to be part of her Electronics journey. Rogers wants to, “make cool “Great Egg Race” contraptions and play with The Internet of Things” she continues, “I have formed the company Makertorium Ltd. to make gadgets and gizmos and legitimise my playing.”

The first PCB that Ragworm manufactured for Rogers was for her #WakeDino Project using a Raspberry Pi. After a successful prototyping run Rogers is proud to say that her toy Dino now wakes up and nods any time anybody tweets #WakeDino. The circuit board manufactured as part of this project provided the function of an open collector driver and has since been through further iterations. It is now known fondly as the ‘Thingatron’

Want to learn more about Rogers’ Project and the steps she took in designing her first PCB? Then why not check out her blog

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