This is Ragworm has been established for 4 years. We have been on a long journey and with the launching of a new website what better time to share with you our story.

Why Ragworm? The answer is simple. High quality UK manufactured PCB’s without the fuss and minimum order value.

The birth of the Ragworm service came through the minds of the Co-Founders Steve and Stacey along with a helping hand and input from a man named Glyn Hudson – You may more commonly know him as Open Energy Monitoring. From an idea and a discussion at the google campus to this very day we have wanted to appeal to the vast audience of the technology industry.

We started as a small family run business and this feature still remains 4 years on. We have spent a lot of time out on the road visiting various Maker Faires, companies and individuals. Ragworm was founded to make PCB manufacturing for the masses hassle free and accessible.

All Ragworm PCBs are manufactured ‘With Love’ in our UK Factories. With premises in Bournemouth, Portsmouth and Rochester we have a wide range of capabilities that will allow us to cater to your enquiries.

For our 4th Birthday we wanted to make a leap forward and utilise the knowledge that many of you, our lovely followers and customers, have provided to us in order to enhance the Ragworm Service. Our unique services such as Sanity Check and Lifesavers are now available at the click of a button and accessible as a standard service on the site. The core purpose of this new and improved site is to make every service, capability and contact form as easy as ordering your PCB.

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