OGG Camp

They have done it again! This weekend the OGG Camp team pulled off another fantastic event!

For those of you who have not heard of OGG Camp, it is an unconference format event celebrating all manner of collaborative cultural activities including free and open source software, digital rights and community based projects.

At the end of OGG Camp 2015 ‘The Chief’ Les Pounder (@biglesp) hung up his hat and passed the reigns over to Jon ‘The Nice Guy’ Spriggs (@jontheniceguy) and what a fantastic job he did!

We were delighted to be invited along to experience the event in all its glory. Unfortunately we were only able to make the Sunday of a weekend full of fun – but there was plenty on offer to be experienced.

OGG Camp offers a full schedule of talks given by members of the community and as a result the subject matters are varied and offer something for everyone!

A personal highlight for the Ragworm Girls was a talk given just before lunch by Matthew Hodgson at Matrix. Matthew delivered an interactive and informative talk, delivering a world where we can message and communicate with each other without having to all install the exact same app. Matrix.org is a non-profit initiative, currently being incorporated as a dedicated non-profit Matrix.org Foundation in the UK. It acts as a neutral guardian of the Matrix spec, nurturing and growing Matrix for the benefit of the whole ecosystem. The board of Matrix.org Foundation is made up of key participants in the Matrix community as well as independent advisors from the wider internet and telco industries.

Unfortunately the team at Matrix is facing a funding crisis and desperately need the help of the community to keep their development going! If you would like to find out more and support the team why not head over to www.matrix.org.

There was, of course, the famous OGG camp raffle to round out the weekend with the top prize being a four pack of baked beans …. I mean an Entroware laptop! Plenty of laughs were had by all and a great amount of money was raised towards next year’s event!

Never been before but like what you hear? Keep your ears to the floor and get in early to secure your spot for OGG Camp 2018! I am sure it will be another great weekend! Check out www.oggcamp.org for more highlights and information.

Special thanks Jon and all the crew at OGG who continue to run the event with love and make us feel so welcome.

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