The Word “Technology”

Here at RagwormHQ we pride ourselves on finding out about the backgrounds of our customers or about projects we find interesting. We use the word technology on a day to day basis but how much do we actually know about the background of this word? Where did it originate from? The word technology is built [...]

Hack Space Tour

The Ragworm team are hitting the road and touring the hackspaces of the UK on a mission to learn more about you, the community. We want to know what you want from Ragworm! look out for the specific details of each event closer to the time or contact the hackspace direct for details. Reading Hackspace [...]

Interview with RasPi.TV

We’ve recently had an amazing opportunity to work with Alex Eames at RasPi.TV, it now only seems fair to share to the community what Alex has been up to in his latest kickstarter. We’ve all heard about RasPi.TV in one way or another, and many of you may already have the RasPiO Portsplus to help [...]

Dr Lucy Rogers

Dr Lucy Rogers is a fairly new customer to the Ragworm website but she entered into our #ProudGeek family with a Bang! After giving us lots of love and attention on Twitter, the team became intrigued and wanted to find out more. Here at Ragworm HQ we like to understand (where possible) our customers’ project [...]