Dr Lucy Rogers

Dr Lucy Rogers is a fairly new customer to the Ragworm website but she entered into our #ProudGeek family with a Bang! After giving us lots of love and attention on Twitter, the team became intrigued and wanted to find out more. Here at Ragworm HQ we like to understand (where possible) our customers’ project [...]

Good Investment

I am sure that there are plenty of your reading this thinking; ‘I can’t invest – I don’t have spare millions’ and some may be thinking ‘I only have a few pounds to spare’. This is exactly what I thought when I first set about looking into this topic but along my journey I have [...]


Here at Ragworm we are a huge fan of Kickstarter and we are very lucky to have been involved with some very successful projects. Whether it is full manufacture or just prototyping the orange team loves to be involved in any way that they can. So why is it that we like Kickstarter so much? [...]

Embedded Wearable Tech

Whether by choice or whether it is thrust upon you, the wearable is something that is going to rapidly become part of your everyday lives. With CES (Consumer Electronics Show) naming the wearable as 2015’s tech to watch, we should all be on the lookout for wearable tech popping up on the news and, more [...]