This is Ragworm has been established for 4 years. We have been on a long journey and with the launching of a new website what better time to share with you our story. Why Ragworm? The answer is simple. High quality UK manufactured PCB's without the fuss and minimum order value. The birth of the Ragworm service [...]

The Word “Technology”

Here at RagwormHQ we pride ourselves on finding out about the backgrounds of our customers or about projects we find interesting. We use the word technology on a day to day basis but how much do we actually know about the background of this word? Where did it originate from? The word technology is built [...]

Ragworm in the Far East

After looking at all the pictures published across our various social media platforms, you are probably wondering why Steve the “Big Boss” is always in China? You would be right to question why as we are avid promoters of British Manufacturing! You also may have noticed that you end up seeing Steve more in photos [...]


In less than 24 hours, this Kickstarter became fully funded and a fully-fledged reality. The idea behind Flotilla is to take away the hassle of building your own project and truly making it plug and play with some awesome hardware and software working in sync with each other. Flotilla is comprised of a central dock [...]