The Ragworm Life Saver Service

The Ragworm Life Saver Service was created specifically for our existing customers. It has been designed to be a buoyancy aid in times of trouble as it enables you to rescue a project/deadline without having to wait the full manufacturing lead-time all over again.

During the manufacturing process we will process an extra copy or two of your design. This is part of our quality guaranteed process to ensure that we can ship you the highest quality PCBs every time. When those over make PCBs also past our quality standards evaluation they are placed into your very own online Lifesaver service.

Within a week, after the dispatch of your Ragworm PCBs, you will be notified of the boards that will be going into your lifesaver account. These boards will then be available to you at the drop of a hat at a great discounted price; get your order in before 2pm and they will also be dispatched to you on the same day. We have various delivery options available for those of you that are in a hurry, whatever the circumstances, we are here to help!!

Make sure your LifeSaver account is live by registering with us today!

Sanity Check

Unsure as to whether your PCB designs are ready for manufacture? The team of Ragworm Engineers are on hand and ready to help.

Simply complete the Sanity Check form and our trusty team will run a series of checks on your data to confirm its manufacturability.

Click to start your Sanity Check

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Contact us

If you need technical support for your purchase from Ragworm® please either submit your request or contact one of our geeks below. Our geeks will answer questions, troubleshoot, handle replacements/returns and assist you within 24hrs.

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PD Studio 29 Ltd.
Unit 5
Great Western Court

T +44 (0)1989 218050


PD Studio 29 Ltd.
Unit 5, Great Westen Court, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, HR9 7XP


T +44 (0)1989 218050


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