This is Ragworm has been established for 4 years. We have been on a long journey and with the launching of a new website what better time to share with you our story. Why Ragworm? The answer is simple. High quality UK manufactured PCB's without the fuss and minimum order value. The birth of the Ragworm service [...]

Exporting Eagle files to Gerbers

Since we’ve had a few requests on this matter, we decided to create a nice tutorial for all you folks that use Eagle as your CAM processor. If you’re not familiar with Gerber files then you should know they’re the industry standard in PCB manufacture. They’re the blueprints of modern electrics, the drawings of creativity [...]

Level Up

Enjoying the use of the Ragworm Service but at the stage where you now need to Level Up your production? Well, Ragworm has some great additional services to help you out on your manufacturing journey! Over the course of our journey here at HQ we have made a commitment to listening to our customers and [...]


As our readers are well aware the Ragworm team attend different events all throughout the year. Along the way we have had the pleasure of meeting many an exciting person and in return have had the honour of working with some of these. Circuitbeard is a company that we have been honoured to exhibit alongside [...]